• Kubernetes cluster

  • Cert Manager

Kubernetes cluster

For development and testing purposes we recommend using kind (Kubernetes in Docker), it's an easy way to create and tear down kubernetes clusters in seconds. For staging and production purposes you can use any public cloud kubernetes as a service like Amazon EKS, Azure AKS or Google GKE.

kind installation guide can be found here.

Cert Manager

Cert Manager is a native Kubernetes certificate management controller. It can help with issuing certificates from a variety of sources, such as Let’s Encrypt, HashiCorp Vault, a simple signing key pair, or self-signed. It will ensure certificates are valid and up to date, and attempt to renew certificates at a configured time before expiry.

Kotal webhook component uses cert-manager for issuing certificates to default and validate your Blockchain resources such as nodes, beacon nodes, ipfs peers ... etc.

cert-manager installation guide can be found here.

Install kotal

The latest version of Kotal operator v0.3.0 can be installed into your Kubernetes cluster simply by:

kubectl apply -f https://github.com/kotalco/kotal/releases/download/v0.3.0/kotal.yaml

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