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Kotal Pro can be installed using our helm chart. Kotal helm chart packages Kotal componenets and all dependencies in a single package.



Add Kotal helm chart repository:
helm repo add kotal
Update your helm repostitory:
helm repo update
Generate a strong password for Kotal Pro PostgreSQL database:
PG_PASSWORD=$(openssl rand -hex 16)
Then install Kotal:
helm install kotal kotal/kotal -n kotal --create-namespace --set postgresql.auth.password=$PG_PASSWORD
Kotal will be up and running and ready to be used within few minutes.

Accessing Kotal Dashboard

Kotal dashboard can be accessed by visiting the public ip address of traefik service, which can be fetched using:
kubectl get svc -n traefik -w
You will get result similar to the following (of course your public ip will be different):
kotal-traefik LoadBalancer
If public ip address is <pending>, wait few seconds and it will be shown.
Open your browser and paste the public ip (EXTERNAL-IP) above.