Deploy Beacon Node

The Beacon Chain is the coordination mechanism of the new network, responsible for creating new blocks, making sure those new blocks are valid, and rewarding validators with ETH for keeping the network secure. Source

Deploy Beacon Node

kind: BeaconNode
  name: teku-beacon-node
  network: pyrmont
  client: teku
  rest: true
  restPort: 8888
    - http://goerli-besu-node:8545

In this beacon node, we're using ConsenSys Teku Ethereum 2.0 client client: teku, and syncing the pyrmont network beacon chain network: pyrmont. We also enable REST API server rest: true at port 8888 restPort: 8888. We're connecting to Ethereum 1 endpoint eth1Endpoints: .... Check Ethereum tutorial on how to deploy an Ethereum node.

Let's deploy the beacon node:

kubectl apply -f beacon.yaml

Kotal operator will notice your teku-beacon-node and will create all the necessary pods, persistent volumes, services, configmaps, and secrets.

You can fetch the deployed Ethereum 2.0 BeaconNode using:

kubectl get beaconnodes

It will return an output similar to the following:

NAME               CLIENT   Network   AGE
teku-beacon-node   teku     pyrmont   1m

Fetch Beacon Node Logs

Get the pods created for the beacon node:

kubectl get pods

It will return an output similar to the following:

NAME                 READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
teku-beacon-node-0   1/1     Running   0          1m

Get the logs of the running beacon node:

kubectl logs -f teku-beacon-node-0

Call /eth/v1/beacon/genesis REST API

Get the service created for the beacon node:

kubectl get services

It will return an output similar to the following:

NAME               TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                      AGE
teku-beacon-node   ClusterIP   <none>        9000/UDP,9000/TCP,8888/TCP   7s

Forward the localhost:8888 calls to the beacon node

kubectl port-forward teku-beacon-node-0 8888

In another terminal window, send REST API call to get chain genesis details:

curl localhost:8888/eth/v1/beacon/genesis

You'll get a result similar to the following:

  "data": {
    "genesis_time": "1606824023",
    "genesis_validators_root": "0x4b363db94e286120d76eb905340fdd4e54bfe9f06bf33ff6cf5ad27f511bfe95",
    "genesis_fork_version": "0x00000000"

Finally delete the beacon node:

kubectl delete beaconnode teku-beacon-node

Kubernetes garbage collector will delete all the resources that has been created by Kotal Ethereum 2.0 BeaconNode controller.

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