We've extended Kubernetes with Node custom resource which can be used to deploy Ethereum nodes from the given spec.

apiVersion: ethereum.kotal.io/v1alpha1
kind: Node
  name: my-node
  # your node spec goes here

Using Ethereum Node custom resource, you can describe any public or private network node you want, and Kotal will create all the necessary Kubernetes resources like pods, persistent volumes, services, configmaps, and secrets for you.

If you want to get all the deployted ethereum Node(s):

$ kubectl get nodes.ethereum

Which will report node name, client, network, and consensus.

If you want to get all the fields associated with ethereum Node:

$ kubectl explain nodes --api-version ethereum.kotal.io/v1alpha1

For a comprehensive reference on Ethereum Node, check our ethereum reference

Multi-client Support

Support for OpenEthereum (parity) client has been deprecated. OpenEthereum team is working with Erigon on a smooth transition path for users. More information can be found here

Kotal supports the following Ethereum 1 clients:

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